It is time. Pinball players of Eugene UNITE! No longer to we need to hide with shame for our LOVE of pinball. We must come together and advocate for more machines, and for their regular maintenance and upkeep. This site is intended for the mapping of machine locations, the sharing of pinball machine conditions, and resources and events. It will best be maintained with YOUR help, so please comment and contribute! Below are additional pages, including: Map, and Links and Resources.


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25 05 2011

Hi im Dylan, im one of the few pinball collectors in eugene, you can see a couple of my games at the location arcade, or contact me directly to come by my place and play the collection. cheers! -Dylan 5412320301

31 05 2011

nice meeting you today dylan! look forward to spending LOTS more time over there!

6 02 2012
Pool tables el paso

In terms of 8-10 ft. Billiard tables, these are a regular dimension in the us. Whilst you will discover lots of models which have been sometimes seven ft. Or even nine foot, there’s no absence …video games

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