The Location Vintage Pinball

245 Blair Blvd.

Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 683-1721

Space Mission -1975- Williams
Strikes and Spares -1978- Bally
Grand Lizard -1981- Williams
laser war -1987- Data East
Baby -Pac-Man- 1982 Bally
Star Trek

Voo doo Donuts

20 East Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401-3135

(541) 868-8666
Demolition Man


62 W Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401

Revenge from Mars

Jackalope Lounge

453 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 485-1519

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

No Good Gophers [broken – loose  piece]

Black Forest

50 East 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401-3538
(541) 686-6619

Theater of Magic [Road Show is there temporarily while Theater is being fixed]


959 Pearl Street

Eugene, OR

(541) 343-2346


McMenamin’s East 19th Street Café

1485 E. 19th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97403

(541) 342-4025

Ripley’s Believe it or Not


Emerald Lanes

140 Oakway Road
Eugene, OR 97401-2312
(541) 342-2611

Raiders of the Lost Arc

Mulligans Pub

2841 Willamette Street

Eugene, OR

(541) 484-1727

Harley Davison

Tracktown Pizza

1809 Franklin Boulevard

(541) 284-8484
Family Guy

Firs Bowl Inc.

1950 River Road
(541) 688-1558

Southtowne Lanes

2486 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97405-3165
(541) 345-8575

X Files

Cinemark Movies

2850 Gateway Street
Springfield, OR 97477-7708
(541) 741-3438

Spider Man [broken]


Strike City Lanes

1170 Highway 99 North

Eugene, OR

(541) 688-8900

NBA Basketball

Highland’s Brew Pub

390 East 40th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97405-3404

(541) 485-4304

Pegasus Pizza

790 East 14th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401-3730

(541) 344-4471

World Cup Soccer 94′

The Horsehead

99 W Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 683-3154

Rolling Stones

OverTime Tavern Bar & Grill

770 S Bertelsen Rd

Eugene, Oregon 97402

(541) 342-5028

Pirates of the Carribean

McShane’s Bar & Grill

86495 College View Road

Eugene, OR 97405

(541) 747-4031

Attacks from Mars



Rennie’s Landing

1214 Kincaid Street
Eugene, OR 97401-3739
(541) 687-0600


Good Times Cafe & Bar

375 E 7th Ave

Eugene, Oregon 97401

(541) 484-7181

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Wetlands Brew Pub and Sports Bar

922 Garfield

Eugene, OR.

(541) 345-3606
Spider Man

Chicken Bonz

1815 Pioneer Parkway East
Springfield, OR 97477-3900
(541) 726-0111

Monster Mash

Fun House

Regal at Valley River Center

500 Valley River Center
Eugene, OR 97401
541 242-0580

Pirates of the Caribbean

Side Pocket Tavern

6th and Monroe St.

1987 Space Station

Maize Lounge

13th Street at Oak

World Cup Soccer 94′

Fast N Fresh Deli

1041 Maxwell Rd
Eugene,OR 97404
(541) 461-0222
Indiana Jones
Twilight Zone

20 responses

7 06 2011

I tried adding World Cup Soccer 94′ to the list for The Location Vintage Pinball spot but it wouldn’t let me enter it. Add it to the list!

13 07 2011

There is a family guy machine in the lobby of Tracktown pizza

16 07 2011

The right flipper on the poker machine at McMenamin’s is busted. It sticks, and doesn’t flick hard enough when it flicks to play the game properly.

21 07 2011
Jonathan Yeomans

hey looking for some players to play with

21 07 2011

“players to play with”? I think you meant to type “craigslist” in stead of pinball!

jk, that’s cool bro. Come to the whitaker vintage arcade.

25 07 2011

The fast and fresh deli on Maxwell has Indiana Jones and The Twilight Zone! Super sweet! It’s owned by my friends sister too.

22 08 2011

The left flipper on the machine at Maize is broken!

23 08 2011

Time to update. The Horsehead now has Batman instead of Lord of the Rings as of Saturday! Been playing it everyday. Just got 59 million this evening and feelin’ pretty good about it! Bummer thing is the Batmobile feature doesn’t work, something’s wrong with the flippy door doo-hicky. But it’s still really fun!

30 08 2011

“Batman” has only been up for a week, and it’s already broked 😦 😦 Hopefully they fix it because I hardly got a chance to play it.

30 08 2011

Road Show is now at The Black Forest instead of Theater of Magic. It’s pretty fun but it needs some beer coasters on the back end to balance it out right.

9 09 2011

Black forest now has Spiderman from voodoo, voodoo has Avatar instead and Batman is fixed (minus the Batmobile) at Horsehead.

13 09 2011

Batman is already broken again 😦 I really miss Lotr. Aside from lack of ball save, it was a pretty fun Pin.

20 09 2011

Totally with you. I can’t believe Batman’s already broken! Went up to Ground Kontrol last sunday though and spent a solid two hours on LOTR, it’s tuned like a frickin’ top! Shattered my own high score but the Grand on that mutha is like 650 mill! What?!

22 09 2011
Sam VR

Side Pocket now has Elvira instead of Space Station. Fun machine, leans pretty heavily towards the right. Someone needs to bring a level down there…

25 09 2011

Overtime Tavern now has Harley Davidson pinball, as of 9-15-11.

4 10 2011

Horsehead now has…. Rolling Stones pinball. Get it before it gets broke, I guess. Also, it’s new so the high scores are low!

19 11 2011

Skate world in Springfield has Super Mario Bro’s Pinball

21 01 2012

Pegasus has Indiana Jones and…. something else. Something about billiards. I didn’t play em though, so I dont know the conditions. Maybe I will fix this situation and go give em a try.

17 03 2013

Joeys Pizza in Springfield has Jurassic Park and great pizza!

28 07 2013
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