At Portland Bars, Pinball Reigns Supreme [CBS News]

8 08 2011



fun times at the Northwest Oh-Pin

7 08 2011


30 07 2011

thanks to all those that have left comments and shared info on the blog, the eugene pinball map has grown!

now,  it looks like we are up to about 41 machines in town, at about 27 different locations.

if you know of more machines than are listed on the map page, please let us know.

better yet, add them to the google map yourself by clicking on the ‘enlarge map’ link underneath the map, and clicking on ‘edit’ in google maps!

own personal high score.

30 07 2011

that’s right. on spiderman at voo doo [event the the right ramp switch is still broken, i scored 90,000,000 – could’ve been much higher].

a night not to be missed.

20 07 2011

oh, yes.

26 06 2011

was really  bummed i was going to miss the tournament at the location, so while in silverton, oregon early saturday morning, i came across a roller coaster typhoon machine [had never played this one before]. and ended up getting the #1 high score and was just short of grand champion.

tonight: june 23

24 06 2011

i was on fire tonight. [pin] ball crawl. five locations. four friends. i earned replay on spiderman [scoring over 32,000 several times], twice in a row on creature [ and got my personal high score on creature at 137,300,000], and was short by a hair from doing it on attack from mars too. learned that voodoo donuts has two machines [open 24/7].