avatar high score

15 09 2011




first time ever playing avatar [at voo doo donuts].

replayed and got a high score, somewhere in around 41,000+


what what?!?

21 08 2011

new personal high score on dracula tonight at mcshaney’s. 198,000,000. replayed. and a few death saves thrown in there too for good measure. good thing the tilt is set so graciously.

fyi. attack from mars is broken. attack wave feature disabled. sucks!

own personal high score.

30 07 2011

that’s right. on spiderman at voo doo [event the the right ramp switch is still broken, i scored 90,000,000 – could’ve been much higher].

oh, yes.

26 06 2011

was really  bummed i was going to miss the tournament at the location, so while in silverton, oregon early saturday morning, i came across a roller coaster typhoon machine [had never played this one before]. and ended up getting the #1 high score and was just short of grand champion.