avatar high score

15 09 2011




first time ever playing avatar [at voo doo donuts].

replayed and got a high score, somewhere in around 41,000+


what what?!?

21 08 2011

new personal high score on dracula tonight at mcshaney’s. 198,000,000. replayed. and a few death saves thrown in there too for good measure. good thing the tilt is set so graciously.

fyi. attack from mars is broken. attack wave feature disabled. sucks!

tonight: june 23

24 06 2011

i was on fire tonight. [pin] ball crawl. five locations. four friends. i earned replay on spiderman [scoring over 32,000 several times], twice in a row on creature [ and got my personal high score on creature at 137,300,000], and was short by a hair from doing it on attack from mars too. learned that voodoo donuts has two machines [open 24/7].

tonight: june 18

19 06 2011

stopped by the location tonight. Chad show me a secret back room space LOADED with more pinball machines,change machine, and all! the plan is that it will be open by the grand opening during the whiteaker block party. sweet.

games include: bride of pin bot, black knight, robo cop, and more.

also. i finally earned a replay with 6.4 million on whirlwind.

what?! what?!

25 05 2011

so i heard a rumor that a place called the location vintage pinball may be opening up in the whiteaker?! this is their facebook page here. sweetness! also found out that there are actually other pin-ballers in town and that they even have tournaments! updates coming soon! on another note, i scored 149,000,000 on dracula today. my highest so far, still learning the machine. also earned a replay on attack from mars.

attack from mars

20 05 2011

found attack from mars today, over at mcshaney’s. aside from spiderman, it is my new favorite game. quick one to learn and scores high. so close to the replay almost every game, and it was my first time on the machine.