own personal high score.

30 07 2011

that’s right. on spiderman at voo doo [event the the right ramp switch is still broken, i scored 90,000,000 – could’ve been much higher].


tonight: june 23

24 06 2011

i was on fire tonight. [pin] ball crawl. five locations. four friends. i earned replay on spiderman [scoring over 32,000 several times], twice in a row on creature [ and got my personal high score on creature at 137,300,000], and was short by a hair from doing it on attack from mars too. learned that voodoo donuts has two machines [open 24/7].

My Score Board First

15 05 2011

I got my first initials on a score board last week on the Spider Man machine at Cinema 12 at the Gateway mall. Sure, it wasn’t for a high score, but a combo. Not bad for having only been playing a few months!

FYI…went to play again a few days ago and the machine is currently broken. Will update soon!