the location vintage arcade

22 08 2011

stopped by tonight and saw chad and a bunch of the usuals. the ‘usual’ crowd is definitely growing. there were fun games to be played and great tunes to be heard. even got a t-shirt and this cool banner branding the blair alley in the old school bally style.


the word

21 08 2011

out on the town is that the location vintage arcade is open all week this week to raise $$ to purchase black knight! go play!

fun times at the Northwest Oh-Pin

7 08 2011

a night not to be missed.

20 07 2011

tournament next saturday

19 06 2011

check it:

tonight: june 18

19 06 2011

stopped by the location tonight. Chad show me a secret back room space LOADED with more pinball machines,change machine, and all! the plan is that it will be open by the grand opening during the whiteaker block party. sweet.

games include: bride of pin bot, black knight, robo cop, and more.

also. i finally earned a replay with 6.4 million on whirlwind.

if you are in eugene, and following this blog…

3 06 2011

…be sure to check this out!

the location vintage arcade

…they are blowing up!

eugene daily news article june 3, 2011