join the new pinball league

23 09 2011
Eugene Pinball Nights
It starts Friday, September 30. We’ve got 12 players signed up so far!

It will be held The Location Vintage Arcade 7-10pm for 10 Fridays in a row.

Stop by tomorrow night (the 23rd) between 9pm and midnight to sign up AND set your handicap on the machines.

avatar high score

15 09 2011




first time ever playing avatar [at voo doo donuts].

replayed and got a high score, somewhere in around 41,000+

pin ball pit stop

15 09 2011

fyi…wheel of fortune is at the pit stop gas station in weed, california, just in case you need some mid-trip pin ball action on the way to san francisco or home to eugene!

if only i had an extra $3000-6000

24 08 2011

the location vintage arcade

22 08 2011

stopped by tonight and saw chad and a bunch of the usuals. the ‘usual’ crowd is definitely growing. there were fun games to be played and great tunes to be heard. even got a t-shirt and this cool banner branding the blair alley in the old school bally style.

the word

21 08 2011

out on the town is that the location vintage arcade is open all week this week to raise $$ to purchase black knight! go play!

what what?!?

21 08 2011

new personal high score on dracula tonight at mcshaney’s. 198,000,000. replayed. and a few death saves thrown in there too for good measure. good thing the tilt is set so graciously.

fyi. attack from mars is broken. attack wave feature disabled. sucks!

At Portland Bars, Pinball Reigns Supreme [CBS News]

8 08 2011


fun times at the Northwest Oh-Pin

7 08 2011


30 07 2011

thanks to all those that have left comments and shared info on the blog, the eugene pinball map has grown!

now,  it looks like we are up to about 41 machines in town, at about 27 different locations.

if you know of more machines than are listed on the map page, please let us know.

better yet, add them to the google map yourself by clicking on the ‘enlarge map’ link underneath the map, and clicking on ‘edit’ in google maps!